EMC Testlab

The EMC Test Lab is an on-site facility providing EMC and environmental testing services. The Test Lab is specialized in helping product designers and manufacturers meet and achieve their compliance requirements.

The lab is open to anyone with testing needs. Several of our EMC Test Lab customers choose to conduct their testing with technical support from NXTech staff. This is often a efficient work model, helping you meet your goals faster.

For EMC testing we offer:

  • Electro magnetic radiated
  • Electro magnetic conducted
  • Electro static discharge
  • Harmonics & Flicker

We also offer:

  • Shock testing
  • Vibration (shaking) testing
  • Temperature and humidity testing
  • High speed camera

Technical Specifications

We also can assist with test at other test partners, especially if the test objects are larger than our lab can handle.

Get in touch with us for more information!