Bluetooth technology

Nxtech has completed several bluetooth projects both for industrial and commercial products.

We have extensive experience with Nordic and TI’s platforms, among others.

Examples of customers for whom we have implemented bluetooth:

  • DAB+ radio with bluetooth and aptX streaming
  • Bluetooth for multiple types of tracking devices, both with and without beacons
  • Mobile phone keyboard

Our Other Stories

One2touch NFC Technology

Reference client. Through several product generations we’ve developed the following for the client:

  • Electronic design
  • Software design (firmware and app)
  • Project management
  • Supply Chain
  • Business development
  • CTO
  • Set-up and follow-up of production
  • Supplier qualification and follow-up
  • FCC and CE approval

One2touch is based on NFC technology, the new standard for wireless communication in smart phones. One2touch has spent 3 yeras developing a patented wireless keyboard with the help of low cost, high quality components and extensive development. By using a new technology called Near Field Technology (NFC), One2touch has today managed to offer a new technology as a replacement for bluetooth in the development of wireless keyboards.

One2touch utilizes low distance wireless opportunities from NFC/FeLiCa mobile phones to establish touch and type functionality. The technology is based upon RFID, and with a flexible silicon design it is optimized for mobile use. Low energy design and no battery charging er essential.

O2T Softpad S1 - ISO - With Samsung SIII HD O2T Flipcover Note2 open1 O2T C1 ISO with SIII

Visit and for more information.

Read more in the following articles (text in Norwegian):

Our other projects

Internet of Things (IoT)

We’ve implemented several communication interfaces for our clients, including:

  • GPRS
  • Bluetooth
  • Tinymesh
  • M-bus
  • Z-wave
  • Zigbee
  • Wi-Fi
  • RF
  • NFC
  • Sub-giga radio

In addition we’ve worked on several NB-IoT projects.

Some reference clients:

E2U systems (

Comlight (

Our other projects

One, Two, Touch!

One2touch is a ultra-portable keyboard for mobile phones.

NFC keyboard (one2touch)

Vehicle instrument cluster


Project management, regulations, specifications, test and qualification.


EMC testing and approval advisory.


Electronic design of head up display.


Electronic design, PCB layout, software design, project management, supply chain, production set-up and supplier set-up.