About us

NxTech was established in 2008 and is an outgrowth of the Norwegian projector industry (ASK, Proxima and InFocus). We undertake complete multidisciplinary assignments with leading expertise in hardware and software development.

No matter how small an idea you have, we know how to make the project a reality. We have produced countless industrial and consumer products for both Norwegian and foreign customers.

Our knowledge base consists of:

  • Embedded C, Linux, RTOS, Computer Vision, Edge AI, Internet of Things
  • Electronic design and layout.
  • Business.
  • Supply chain.
  • Production. We have qualified production partners around the world who will fit perfectly with your project. ISO, ATEX, RoHS, clean-room.
  • Certification and pre-qualification.
  • Internal test lab.

In addition we cooperate with renowned design houses and mechanical partners.

Project references

Trackers for, among others, shops and pets
We implemented Bluetooth, 868Hz and TI1326 controllers.

Household appliances
Motor control of BLDC motors and PMDC motors, Atmel SAM arm processor, Weight cells, custom segment displays with capacitive touch.

Maritime equipment
LCD displays with Cypress touch. Sun and weather treatment, NXP iMX6 modules, USB and Ethernet.

DAB radio
Streaming, PLC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth with Apt-X, USB and Ethernet.
Display with Android custom integration and iMX6 custom integration.

Instrument cluster for automobiles
iMX6, GPRS, GPS, 3G, NFC and Bluetooth.

Smart house
Integration to cloud server and Azure. Narrowband-IoT, LoRa, 3G, z-wave, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, metering functionality. Various gateway integrations.

• Radar detection for street lights with GPRS and RF
• Pressure and tension sensor for offshore drilling string
• 3D sensor

• Android games and game controllers for smartphones
• Toys-to-life