For this customer we have done all electronic designs, PCB layout, software design, project management, supply chain, production and supplier.

One2touch is based on NFC – New standard for smartphone wireless communication
One2touch has spent three years to develop the patented wireless keyboard using low-cost components and own developed software. By utilizing a new, enabling technology called Near Field Communication (NFC), One2touch is to date the only company offering a technology substituting Bluetooth for wireless keyboards.
One2Touch utilizes the short distance wireless capabilities of NFC / FeLiCa enabled mobile phones to achieve touch & type functionality.
Based on integrated RFID technology and a flexible silicon design, it is optimized for mobile use and low cost. Its ultra-low power design and no change of batteries is required.

O2T Softpad S1 - ISO - With Samsung SIII HD O2T Flipcover Note2 open1 O2T C1 ISO with SIII

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