For this customer we have done the following:

  • Electronic design
  • PCB layout
  • Embedded software design
  • Back-end system software design
  • Test and qualifications incl EMC
  • Customer negotations

Comlight is a company that provide dimming of streetlights, based on radar technology.

comlight poster

  • Detection range from pedestrians ~2km/h to vehicles at 200km/h
  • Doppler radar in each light pole for detection
  • RF communication between poles
  • GPRS for system set-up and statistical data
  • Comlight adoptive noise cancellation technology:

– Adopt trigger level of each light pole automatically based on surrounding noise

– Filter our repetitive noise sources

– Detection of precipitation to turn system temporary ON

– Ignore detection from critical installations very close to random moving objects


For more information visit Comlight webpage

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