For this customer we have developed the complete electrical drivetrain including sophisticated LCD instrument cluster.

Citymotion develop a four wheel electric quadcycle for professional and private use

  • Approved for 2 people
  • Top speed: 80km/h
  • Range: 60-120km based on model and battery choice
  • Weight(wo battery): < ~500 kg
  • Flexible battery strategy
  • Design for “city driving”
  • Low cost


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Proprietary Vehicle Management Unit (VMU)

The brain of the vehicle; manage and control other electronic devices and drive system. Ground up development with flexibility to handle different battery systems.

Proprietary LCD display

Developed display with driver hardware and software adapted to the Vehicle Management Unit and integrated Battery Management System (BMS)


Display and Control unit

  • Platform: Powerful ARM/Linux
  • Display: 7”- 10” LCD (other options available)
  • Touch screen enabled
  • BMS Functionality
  • CAN bus, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • USB
  • Enabled for GPS and GPRS
  • Customizable GUI
  • H x W x L: 45 x 143 x 195 mm (other options available)

powerpoint lcd spec

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