Høy verdi i tradløs lavenergi

Facing the choice of how users enter and receive data from devices, wireless is becoming an increasingly attractive option.

Chances are you’re already quite familiar with wireless communication techonology. WiFi networks, cellular coverage and your run-of-the-mill Bluetooth headset are common examples, but new ideas require new thinking. This is the story about how NXTech created a low power wireless product that can operate even without batteries.The power in the radio waves are harvested and used to operate a low power micro controller and radio circuitry.

Rethinking NFC

When One2Touch launched in 2012, it was the first mobile phone keyboard to hit the market based on Near Field Communication technology. The keyboard runs on very low power, and unlike Bluetooth or similar technologies there’s no need for pairing.»When we got involved in this project, the customer had a great idea and a non-working prototype. The first thing we had to address was the choice of technology, and how we could use the NFC standard for this kind of application,» says Terje Wahlstrøm, CEO of NXTech and One2Touch. As the project progressed, it became a natural direction for NXTech to get more involved, in bringing the finished product into production and market launch.»One2Touch is a truly innovative project, and we’re proud to be so highly involved with the project. These kind of projects really brings out the best in us, and we’re already enjoying prototyping the next generation,» continued Wahlstrøm.

Approaching wireless

With the technologies available today, the problem most designers and engineers are facing isn’t if one should choose a wireless transmission technology, but finding out which technology is the right one for a certain project. Discovering and specifying the power requirements, frequencies, range and data capacity is an important component, but even established hardware standards needs software to perform the tasks at hand.

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«When we got involved in this project, the customer had a great idea and a non-working prototype.»