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Facing the choice of how users enter and receive data from devices, wireless is becoming an increasingly attractive option.
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Automotive: In The Driver’s Seat

NXTech has been involved in the automotive industry and electric vehicles spesifically for a number of years. No wonder then, that something innovative and new is about to emerge. Les videre

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Norsk her.. Displays: More Than Meets The Eye

Vibrating cellphones and emergency sirens are clues that help us act, but user feedback doesn’t really come alive until its visual. Les videre

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Your Next Technology

NXTech er en uavhengig design og ingeniørbedrift. Vi slår sammen ingeniørenes kunnskap med prosjektledelse og produksjon tilrettelegging. Ta kontakt med oss for utvikling av din neste teknologi idé! Les mer om NXTech.